22 August 2011

A Light in God's Places

Candle by spcbrass

In response to my last post, Total Abandonment, I’ve received some wonderful answers and insights! I put the same post on my personal blog, A Girl With Wings, and got answers over there as well, so I thought I’d share them for anyone who’s in the same pickle as I’ve been in!

Ana Mari reminded me that no one person can have all the answers, only God. She is a woman who became a missionary to Costa Rica a little over a year ago, sacrificing much but with no regrets! She could have had a life of leisure, but decided that that wasn’t what she wanted. God answered her prayers and gave her the desires of her heart. She said that if my desire is to go to Britain to study, then I can serve the Lord there the same as if I give it all up and go serve the unreached right away.  Psalm 37:4, “Delight yourself in the LORD and he will give you the desires of your heart.”

Don and Shelly responded to my comment,  "Is this what following Christ is like, or is this what fighting against Him is like?" They say it's a little of both. Sometimes we try so hard to follow the will of God that we miss it entirely.  I should just keep praying to seek His will. They gave a great example: perhaps Noah wanted at first to build a monument to God that would testify to many, but God told him to build an ark instead. Perhaps Britain is my ark, and while donating my money toward a cause could be a good thing, following God’s plan could be a great thing! They reiterated what I’ve heard before on this subject: I mustn’t be “guilted” into or out of anything. I especially liked this point, “Perhaps the test for you here is not as much about making the ultimate "correct" choice, but being able to wait upon Him to give you direction.” I should have patience; hard, but necessary!

Liberty reminded me of something very important: the third world is not the only place that needs missionaries. While the UK is a prosperous country (few are starving and naked in the streets) it is still filled with people who have no idea of God’s love and grace. “God always has a plan, and that plan often includes the unlikeliest of places.” I can be a light for Christ in England. What an awesome idea!

 Olivia struggled something similar in the past. She wondered if her childhood dream of becoming a veterinarian would conflict with helping the desperate condition of the people in this world.  But then it was revealed to her that she could use a veterinary degree to serve God in less fortunate regions of the world where people rely on animals for income and transportation. So it’s possible the Lord has kindled this love of Britain in my heart for a reason! I mustn’t forget that people who live in luxurious homes surrounded by worldly goods can be as empty on the inside as impoverished villagers toiling in Africa. As a Christian, the Light within me can shine brightly wherever I go. Whether I’m in a village in Tanzania or going to school in Lancashire, I will be given opportunities to serve.

Duta shared with me two principles that guide her:

1. Charity begins at home. There's lots to do in our immediate surroundings , town, or village.
2. I'm not in charge of the world. God is, and He knows what He's doing. I'm just a tiny dot in the universe.

How true that is! I have to trust the Lord and remember that He holds the world in His hands, not me in mine.

Last but not least, Judeann wrote that she believes that if I’m living a Christian life, praising God and asking His help for all His children, and yielding myself to His will, He will let me know in an unmistakable way if I need to change my plan.

Wow, that’s a lot of great advice! I’ll try to take it all in, take it to heart, and then apply it to my life.  For now the desire of my heart is to go to Capernwray Bible School in England. Things are falling into place beautifully for this, and I’m very excited about it! I will purpose to be a witness for Christ in whatever theater of life I’m in, and shine His Light to all men in all circumstances. 

Candle, a photo by spcbrass on Flickr.


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