12 July 2013

Back Across the Pond

After 2 1/2 months of traveling in Europe, I have come back to the "real world," but that's not going to last long. I regret not posting more often during my trip--not posting at all, really. There was just so much to experience, I couldn't find the time or the energy to write about my experiences.

I'm going back through my photos and journal, though, and dredging up the memories. I've written quite a story for myself since leaving Liverpool in April. There have been high points and low points, times when I wanted to stay forever and times when I wanted nothing more than to be back home. Through it all I've discovered things about God, about myself, about life in general, and the amazing possibilities that are open to all of us. The thought that I could have traveled so extensively is still amazing to me. Little ol' me who never left the States has now been to England, Scotland, France, and Switzerland.

Even more shocking, though, is the fact that I'm going back. Soon. In September, in fact, if everything goes according to plan. I am applying for a position as office assistant at Capernwray Bible School, which will mean moving to Britain for a year.

Me. Little ol' me. Living in Britain. It's a Britophile's dream come true.

It's frightening though, too. I almost turned down the opportunity several times. I am so close to my friends and family--they mean the world to me, but the fact is that I feel pulled by God to go back to England.

But more on that later.

For now, I'm going to play catch-up and post about some of the amazing places I've been since April, the marvelous people I've met, the fantastic food I've eaten, and the experiences that made my trip to Europe unforgettable. And I'm taking you along for the ride!

You'll meet...

The idyllic English countryside

A bygone golden era at Lyme Park

Some iconic landmarks

Some not quite so iconic

And a whole lot more. We've got a wild ride ahead of us!


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